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Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires, the perfect place from which to venture out and further explore Argentina and South America. We want you to feel like this is your second home, not just a place to study Spanish. Like you, our staff are creative, dynamic people and the Vamos Spanish atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. We offer spanish classes for groups and individuals, as well as culture studies and activities to explore and enjoy all that Argentina has to offer.

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Introduction to (some) Argentine Slang and Lunfardo

Spanish (or Castellano) in Buenos Aires is full of slang words and expressions.  When you first get here it can be difficult, and even frustrating, to understand locals due to all the slang that is used.  However, just learning the basic slang words will be very useful and help you in your everyday conversation throughout…


Eating Delicious Asado (BBQ) in Argentina

Living like a local in Argentina requires a few things. Copious mate and red wine consumption, a religious affiliation to a fútbol team, contradictory behaviors, the ability to no longer require sleep, and a slang derived dialect, to name a few. However, one of the best, and maybe most quintessential Argentine event, is the asado.…

mate cup vendor at San Telmo market in Buenos Aires

Guide to Buenos Aires Street Markets

Souvenir shopping is a burden that all travelers must face at some point during their travels. Fortunately in Buenos Aires, there is a way to combine the chore of souvenir shopping while still exploring new neighborhoods and being immersed in a cultural experience. Ferías in Buenos Aires take over the city every weekend; covering parks and…

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