You cannot usually find this cake under the dessert section in restaurant menus. It’d be something like yerba mate which Argentine consume on a daily basis but only in a private setting and not available in restaurants. So, it’s normal that you might not have even come across it while visiting Argentina or realized its existence. The typical encounter is someone made it for a private gathering or family event, especially birthdays! If you were lucky to get a taste at a local get-together, that’s awesome, but if not, you can always make it yourself!

It is really an easy dessert to make because it does not need to be cooked or baked. All you need are the following ingredients:

* two or three packs of “Chocolinas” cookies (these are rectangle-shaped thin chocolate cookies. If you are not in Argentina you can look for a similar kind of chocolate cookies.)
* Dulce de leche
* Mendicrim (this is a brand for a product that we have here in Argentina. It is something like a less salty cream cheese but of a sour cream texture.)
* Coffee
* Milk

There are different ways to go about making chocotorta because it is usually, or mostly, homemade and so people adapt it to their personal tastes. However, the standard chocotorta goes like this:

What you need to do is get a bowl and mix all the dulce de leche and Mendicrim until you see the mixture is smooth and thoroughly mixed. When that’s done, prepare a cup of coffee with milk. That was all the preparation you need to do. Now you can start making the cake by opening the Chocolinas cookies, dipping them for a second in the coffee and then setting them on a plate or cake dish where you want your cake. This is where you “play Tetris” with the cookies: they need to fit one next to the other until you finish covering up the plate/dish. When the first layer is done, you pour some of the dulce de leche and Mendicrim mixture all over the cookies evenly. After mastering that, you start putting a second layer of cookies, again, always dipping them in the coffee to make them moist first, but not too long, if not, the cookies will get too soggy and break. You can go for as many layers as you want, as tightly packed them as you want. After you finish, leave it in the refrigerator for an hour or so to let it set as a cake. And then, dig in!

Other ways of making this cake is using chocolate powder like Nesquik to make chocolate milk instead of using coffee. You can also decorate it with grated chocolate or M&M’s or whatever you like! Just have fun with it!!