Monedas Are Good But SUBE Card Is Better

It’s not a secret among the people around me that I absolutely love taking los colectivos (buses) here in Buenos Aires. When I first arrived in Buenos Aires, learning how to use the Guia T, figuring out my way in all the one-way streets, going from point A to point B was like playing my […]

The 'No Change' Buenos Aires Phenomenon

When you prepare your trip to Buenos Aires, among many useful phrases to learn like the basic greetings, ‘Hola, cómo estás?’, make sure to remember this phrase too: ‘No hay monedas,’ which means ‘There are no coins.’ You will come across this phrase quite regularly in the city. It’d be scribbled […]

Monedas y Monedero

It was only recently that every shop in Buenos Aires had a hand written sign declaring No Hay Monedas. No Coins. Which meant if you didn’t have exact change they weren’t going to sell you anything, as there simply weren’t enough coins in circulation.

There were crazy rumours about why this had happened. Such as; the […]