Beyond Malbec - 2014 Wine Expo in Buenos Aires

Other than juicy steak, Argentina is also known for our red wine, especially Malbec which is our signature wine, and Mendoza is our famous wine region; these are just the tip of the iceberg of the wine culture here. In fact, beautiful wines are also produced as north as Salta, Catamarca and Tucumán, the northern […]

A Starter's Guide to Popular Argentine Wines

Argentina is a country that is well-known for its wine, but with such a large selection it can be hard to know where to start–especially with so many unfamiliar names. While most wines can be found all over the globe (Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, etc.) below I want to mention some wines that you’re less likely […]

A Few Ideas While Exploring Argentina

Life in Argentina can be phenomenal if you know where to look and find what you need. There is more to Argentina than memories of the musical Evita as any tourist can tell you after even one visit.

If you like archaeology and get a kick out of knowing about our pre-historic ancestors first hand, then […]

Little Things That Keep Life Interesting in Buenos Aires

I have been living in Buenos Aires for a year now, and this year I am trying to immerse myself fully in the Argentine culture. For me as an European sometimes it is very hard to understand why Argentines would do certain things, which seem completely normal to them but at the same time cause […]

Tips On Wine Drinking, Buying and Tasting in Buenos Aires

When people visit Buenos Aires they primarily think of steaks, gauchos (Argentine cowboys) and football, but not too aware of an important aspect – WINE.

Argentina is actually the sixth largest wine country in the world and produces annually about 15 million hectoliters of wine, so you can imagine the range of Argentine wines is really […]

Good Argentine Wine On A Budget

I wouldn´t by any means call myself a wine connoisseur. Far from it. But this is wine-rich Argentina, and I do enjoy drinking wine but don´t usually have tons of money to spend on it. I always find myself in my local chino (supermarket usually run by Chinese descents) gawking at the […]