We continuously create and modify our workshop catalogue to suit our students' needs. Here are a few examples of our free cultural workshops:


Go about the city like a local! Learn how to navigate Buenos Aires’ public transport system. We show you how to get from your front door to hundreds of places around the city. You’ll never have to pay for a taxi ride again.


Pronunciation Workshop Focusing on difficult vowels sounds, tricky consonants and how to roll your rrrs. With the extra practice this workshop provides, you’ll be speaking like a local pronto.


Yerba Mate Workshop Learn how to prepare the perfect mate, and the proper etiquette behind this century old tradition.


How it all works
Various workshops run 3-4 times a week in the afternoons after group classes. Information on which workshops are offered throughout the week is posted on the school board. No need to sign up. Workshops are free to all enrolled Vamos Spanish students.



Here are a few of our most popular activities:


Buenos Aires by Bike At bicycle pace and from handlebar height the neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires take on a unique feel. We take quiet backstreets to explore the city from a different perspective. Click here for more information and booking.




Wine Tasting Argentina is well known for its quality wine, and you will learn how to use your senses, and the terms used to describe the aromas and taste of a variety of locally produced wines. Also, to further your knowledge of wines you can also join one of our tours to the Andean foothills and the town of Mendoza. The wine tasting session in the city is open to non-student as well, you can easily book your sitting HERE now!


Graffiti Art Tour Did you know graffiti is legal in Buenos Aires? Because of this artists actually have time to create towering, beautiful works of art on the city’s streetscape. This dynamic tour has you walking the laneways and main streets to view and appreciate the ever-changing façade of buildings and shop fronts. Learn the politics, love and artistic expression behind the scenes.



Football, the beautiful game! With us you will learn all about the teams and classic rivalries, practice songs and slogans, try a choripan, and discover which colours you should never wear.





How it all works
Activities are available to everyone, not just Vamos Spanish students. Friends, families and non-students are welcome to join. For booking or more info, please Contact us at

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